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Cimarron (1960)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Cimarron

Much to the disappointment of her parents Sabra (Maria Schell - The Hanging Tree) and her husband Yancey 'Cimarron' Cravat (Glenn Ford - Cowboy) are heading to the Oklahoma territory where they will participate in the land rush as Yancey has his heart set on a prime piece of land to start a ranch on. On the way there they not only have an encounter with The Kid (Russ Tamblyn - tom thumb), who idolised Yancey growing up, but Sabra gets to witness her husband's generosity when he lends his spare wagon to a family who have lost theirs. But at the land rush things don't go to plan as not only does an old flame of Yancey's, Dixie Lee (Anne Baxter - Three Violent People), take exception to him having married but she gets the land he desperately wanted. With only land not suitable for ranching left Yancey instead takes over the newspaper, The Wigwam, and builds it up into a business empire, standing up for the little people which not always goes down well with Sabra when he comes to the aid of Native Americans. But before he settled down Yancey was an adventurer and despite having a kid with Sabra he finds the calling of the wild too much to resist leaving Sabra to raise their son and run the paper on her own. ... Read Review