Movie Trailer for Movie Review - Christmas Magic (2011) Hallmark Christmas movie starring Lindy Booth as Carrie who after a car crash wakes up an angel who has to help a troubled father and daughter before Christmas arrives Movie Review

Christmas Magic (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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It's Christmas and whilst Carrie Bishop (Lindy Booth - Sound of Christmas) doesn't do Christmas she does do gifts to herself and buys herself a flashy new car. But whilst talking on her phone whilst driving she is involved in a major accident and the next thing she knows she is waking up in a snowy Central park where she is met by Henry (Derek McGrath) who tells her she died in the crash and is now an angel but one which has a mission to complete before she gains access to heaven. The mission involves struggling restaurant owner and single father Scott Walker (Paul McGillion - Ice Sculpture Christmas) who with a failing business and never having fully gotten over the death of his wife at Christmas is considering suicide. But that is when Carrie appears and with her business know how helps by promoting his business although with the mission to be completed by Midnight on Christmas Eve it is not easy especially when Carrie grows fond of Scott and his 8 year old daughter. ... Read Review

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