Movie Trailer for Carry on Girls (1973) starring Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor,Bernard Bresslaw, June Whitfield, Peter Butterworth, Jack Douglas, Patsy Rowlands, Joan Hickson, Sally Geeson, Wendy Richard, Bill Pertwee, James Logan directed by Gerald Thomas Movie Review

Carry on Girls (1973)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Carry on Girls

The seaside town of Fircombe is not doing well and Councillor Sidney Fiddler (Sid James - Carry On Matron) wants to stage a beauty contest in order to bring in more visitors. The trouble is councillor Augusta Prodworthy (June Whitfield - Carry On Abroad) is in opposition and so Fiddler has to resort to under hand methods to get his way, something his long time girlfriend Connie Philpotts (Joan Sims - Carry on at Your Convenience) is less than thrilled at because she doesn't trust Fiddler with a bevy of beauties. But when Prodworthy learns of what Fiddler is up to she does everything she can to ruin things for him. ... Read Review

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