Movie Trailer for Buster (1988) starring Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb, Stephanie Lawrence, Ellie Beaven, Michael Attwell, Ralph Brown, Christopher Ellison directed by David Green Movie Review

Buster (1988)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Buster

With another child on the way Buster Edwards (Phil Collins) is a bit of an artful dodger, he steals from Mothercare to get the stuff that his wife June (Julie Walters - Educating Rita) will need for the baby because he loves her and wants her to have what she wants, not that June wants much other than a home of their own. It is why Buster along with Bruce Reynolds (Larry Lamb) and a gang of small time thieves decide to rob the mail train carrying 2.6 million in used bank notes. And to their surprise the robbery goes well, but soon after the net closes in on them as their hideout is found and members of the gang being caught, with the judicial system looking to make examples of them. It leads to Bruce and his wife Franny (Stephanie Lawrence) as well as Buster and June fleeing the country and heading to Acapulco, but foreign living is too much for June who is homesick for Britain. ... Read Review