Movie Trailer for Blizzard (2003) Brenda Blethyn, Christopher Plummer, Brittany Bristow, Leif Bristow, Kevin Pollak Movie Review

Blizzard (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Blizzard

After her best friend Bobby and his family move away, young Jess is left distraught causing her parents to call Aunt Millie (Brenda Blethyn - A River Runs Through It) in the hope she can help. Having arrived just before Christmas Aunt Millie decides to tell Jess a story about Erin a young girl who with two older teasing brothers is quite lonely until she discovers her love of ice skating. But when her family is forced to move away from town she becomes lonely again that is until she meets one of Santa's talking reindeer. ... Read Review

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