Movie Trailer for Bigger Than Life (1956) starring James Mason, Barbara Rush, Walter Matthau, Robert F. Simon, Christopher Olsen directed by Nicholas Ray Movie Review

Bigger Than Life (1956)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Trailer for Bigger Than Life

Ed Avery (James Mason - 20000 Leagues Under the Sea) is an amiable sort of man, he has a lovely wife and a good son and he enjoys his job as a school teacher, his only issue are constant bouts of severe pain. When he blackouts at home he ends up in hospital where he discovers he not only has a very rare condition but also only months to live. To try and stave of death Ed agrees to take an experimental drug and after a stay in hospital it seems to be working, he goes back home and seems to be embracing his second chance. But the drug has a strange side effect and Ed starts abusing his medication to keep the feeling it gives but it starts turning him into a monster with wild mood swings and radical thoughts to the point he even thinks his wife Lou (Barbara Rush - Hombre) is having an affair with his best friend Wally (Walter Matthau - JFK). ... Read Review