Movie Trailer for Beyond the Blackboard (2011) Emily VanCamp, Treat Williams, Liam McKanna, Paola Nicole Andino Movie Review

Beyond the Blackboard (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Beyond the Blackboard

From an early age Stacey Bess (Emily VanCamp - Redeemer) knew she wanted to be a teacher and, whilst life made her put a hold on her plans, at the age of 24 she qualifies and is ready for her first job with visions of teaching in a beautiful classroom with adoring children. How different could it be as the only position available is teaching homeless children at a shelter, a place which is filthy, full of rats and shakes when ever a train rumbles past. Despite Stacey's initial reservations about teaching the homeless she refuses to quit, even when she discovers she is pregnant. ... Read Review