Movie Trailer for Bee Season (2005) starring Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche, Flora Cross, Max Minghella, Kate Bosworth directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel Movie Review

Bee Season (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Bee Season

The Naumann's appear to be a pretty balanced family and when Eliza Naumann (Flora Cross) starts winning spelling bee's she is the toast of the family. But her sudden success also disrupts the family as father Saul (Richard Gere - Unfaithful) sees some mystical power in the way Eliza manages to spell difficult words awakening a religious yearning deep inside him. It also leads to her mother Miriam (Juliette Binoche - Chocolat) behaving very strangely and he brother Aaron (Max Minghella) looking for answers to questions which aren't being satisfied in the home. As the national spelling bee gets closer the Naumann family spiral out of control as Saul is oblivious to it all. ... Read Review