Movie Trailer for Bangkok Dangerous (2008) starring Nicolas Cage, Shahkrit Yamnarm, Charlie Yeung, Panward Hemmanee, Nirattisai Kaljaruek, Dom Hetrakul directed by The Pang Brothers Movie Review

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Bangkok Dangerous

Joe (Nicolas Cage - National Treasure: Book of Secrets) is an assassin, hired by anonymous people to kill various targets a job which he has been successful at for years because he has lived by a series of rules which have kept him detached from everyone involved. Having decided to call it a day he heads to Bangkok to pull off 4 hits in the one place and set himself up for retirement. But Joe makes a mistake, he not only gets close to Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm) who he hires as an unknowing assistant but also deaf girl Fon (Charlie Yeung) who he grows close to and by breaking his own rules puts himself in danger. ... Read Review