Movie Trailer for Backbeat (1994) starring Stephen Dorff, Ian Hart, Sheryl Lee, Gary Bakewell, Chris O'Neill, Scot Williams, Kai Wiesinger, Jennifer Ehle directed by Iain Softley Movie Review

Backbeat (1994)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Backbeat

The year is 1960 and best friends John Lennon (Ian Hart - Finding Neverland) and Stuart Sutcliffe (Stephen Dorff - Public Enemies) along with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Paul Best head for Hamburg where they are scheduled to perform at a nightclub. Whilst John and Paul have big plans for the band Stuart doesn't share the same commitment and when he meets photographer Astrid (Sheryl Lee) it causes major problems leading him to have to make a major decision, stay with the band or leave them for a new life with Astrid in Germany. ... Read Review