Movie Trailer for Annie Oakley (1935) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster, Melvyn Douglas, Moroni Olsen, Pert Kelton, Andy Clyde, Chief Thunderbird directed by George Stevens Movie Review

Annie Oakley (1935)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Annie Oakley

Young Annie (Barbara Stanwyck - Roustabout) is renowned for her sharp shooting, shooting Quail in flight and getting them through the head every time in order not to spoil the meat. Thanks to her skill with a gun she finds herself in a shooting competition with Toby Walker (Preston Foster - Tomahawk) who had just signed to the Buffalo Bill's (Moroni Olsen) Wild West Show. Letting him win because she thinks he is pretty Annie still finds herself signed up to appear as well. ... Read Review