Movie Trailer for Angus (1995) starring Charlie Talbert, George C. Scott, Kathy Bates, Chris Owen, James Van Der Beek, Ariana Richards directed by Patrick Read Johnson Movie Review

Angus (1995)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Angus

14 year old Angus (Charlie Talbert) is finding school difficult because he is fat and the schools cool kid Rick (James Van Der Beek - Mrs. Miracle) takes pleasure in teasing and bullying him and his best friend Troy (Chris Owen). Angus has another problem as well as he secretly loves school beauty Melissa (Ariana Richards - Jurassic Park) but is so down on himself he doesn't believe she could ever like him. Things come to ahead when Rick plays a prank so that Angus is voted Winter Ball King alongside Melissa who is Queen setting him up for complete and utter public humiliation at the school dance. ... Read Review