Movie Trailer for All I Want (2002) starring Elijah Wood, Franka Potente, Mandy Moore, Chris William Martin, Deborah Harry, Elizabeth Perkins, Aaron Pearl directed by Jeffrey Porter Movie Review

All I Want (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for All I Want

Jones Dillon (Elijah Wood - The Lord of the Rings) shows up at college with his large trunk before anyone arrives and as the other students swarm in he decides it is not for him and finds a room in a house to move into. Soon after he meets the other residence, Jane (Franka Potente - The Bourne Identity) a quiet photography who initially mistakes him for a stalker, Lisa (Mandy Moore - A Walk to Remember) an actress who takes a shine to him and also Brad (Aaron Pearl - Growing the Big One), a painter with a cowboy fetish. Jones is a bit artistic to with a fondness for writing an imagination which often seen him slipping into fantasies about a more exciting life including sexual encounters with Ma a seller of second hand furniture. ... Read Review