Movie Trailer for After the Wizard (2011) starring Jordan Van Vranken, Orien Richman, Jermel Nakia, Helen Richman, Loren Lester, Peter Mark Richman, Sue Giosa, P. David Miller directed by Hugh Gross Movie Review

After the Wizard (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for After the Wizard

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth Haskens (Jordan Van Vranken) is one of many children who live in a Kansas orphanage under the supervision of the soon to retire Mrs. Murphy (Helen Richman). Like others at the orphanage, Mrs. Murphy is concerned for Elizabeth as the twelve year old is in insistent that her name is Dorothy and she is the Dorothy from L. Frank Baum's novel "The Wizard of Oz" which she constantly reads. After the latest disagreement brought on by Elizabeth's insistence of being Dorothy she finds herself in detention but it is there she is visited by the Tin Man (Orien Richman) and the Scarecrow (Jermel Nakia) who have journeyed from Oz to find Dorothy as they need her help to restore Oz as since the wizard left it has fallen apart. ... Read Review