Movie Trailer for A Taste of Romance (2012) Teri Polo, James Patrick Stuart, Bailee Madison, Amandla Stenberg, Jamie Rene Smith, Simone Missick, Alexander Bedria Movie Review

A Taste of Romance (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Taste of Romance

Having retired as a fire fighter Gill Callahan (James Patrick Stuart), with the help of his old crew, sets about opening his own restaurant, The Five Alarm Grill. Trouble is that he has opened up his place next to a posh French restaurant where Sara Westbrook (Teri Polo) takes pride in the high class cooking that her clientele come to her place for and it leads to tension and rivalry especially when Gill's place becomes popular. But to confuse matters further is that Gill is a widowed single dad to young Hannah (Bailee Madison) and not only does Hannah like Sara she sets about doing a touch of match making between them. ... Read Review