Movie Trailer for A Mom for Christmas (1990) Olivia Newton-John, Juliet Sorci, Doug Sheehan, Doris Roberts Movie Review

A Mom for Christmas (1990)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Trailer for A Mom for Christmas

Little Jessica Slocum (Juliet Sorci) misses her mum, especially at Christmas when she wanders around Milliman's department store and sees her friends shopping with their mothers. One day she pulls a free gift from the stores wishing well and it says see Philomena (Doris Roberts) for one free wish and Jessica's wish is for an attractive mannequin to be her mother. And that is exactly what Philomena does using a bit of magic to bring Amy (Olivia Newton-John) the mannequin to life for the two weeks up till Christmas. ... Read Review

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