Movie Trailer for A Golden Christmas (2009) Andrea Roth, Nicholas Brendon, Bruce Davison, Alley Mills, Jason London Movie Review

A Golden Christmas (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Golden Christmas

City lawyer Jessica Wright (Andrea Roth - Crazy for Christmas) and her son Henry (Daniel Zykov) are heading to her parent's for Christmas with a surprise as Jessica plans to buy the family home as she has some special memories from her childhood, especially of a summer she spent playing with a young boy who she called Hans and he called her Leia. But her plans are spoiled when she learns that a man called Michael (Nicholas Brendon - My Neighbor's Secret) and his daughter Madeline (Melody Hollis) have signed a contract to buy the house her father built. Determined to get what she wants she sets about sabotaging the sale totally unaware that Michael is Hans and he is equally unaware that she is his Leia. ... Read Review

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