Movie Trailer for A Christmas Snow (2010) Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Cameron Ten Napel, Anthony Tyler Quinn Movie Review

A Christmas Snow (2010)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for A Christmas Snow

As a child Christmas was spoilt for Kathleen (Catherine Mary Stewart - Class) thanks to her father abandoning her and her mother, and ever since she has avoided celebrating it. But this Christmas she hasn't got a choice as she is left baby-sitting her soon to be fianc?'s daughter Lucy (Cameron Ten Napel) and then taking in Sam (Muse Watson) who not only did she nearly run over but who came to her rescue when she is hassled by some thugs only to end up with a bump on his head. With a blizzard leaving them snowed in Kathleen has no choice but deal with her issues as does Lucy when it comes to missing her mom. ... Read Review

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