Zoom (2006) starring Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Spencer Breslin, Kate Mara, Michael Cassidy, Ryan Newman, Kevin Zegers, Rip Torn directed by Peter Hewitt Movie Review

Zoom (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ryan Newman, Michael Cassidy, Tim Allen, Kate Mara and Spencer Breslin in Zoom (2006)

Zoom Lacks Buzz

In 2005 there was "Sky High" which gave us young kids going to a special school because they have super powers and it wasn't bad with humour aimed at young teens. Then in 2006 we got "Zoom" with a storyline about young kids with super powers being trained to use them but this time it is a movie aimed squarely at the pre-teen age group. Or at least that is what I hope the people behind "Zoom" were doing because if they thought the weak storyline and weak humour would entertain anyone above the age of 13 then they were misguided. As such "Zoom" is a movie which really works at only one level and that is some simple visual gags which will amuse young children leaving anyone else who finds themselves watching at a loss.

30 years after he lost his super powers Zoom (Tim Allen - Christmas with the Kranks) or Jack as he is now known finds himself called back into action when his brother Concussion (Kevin Zegers) is spotted heading back to Earth. Except rather than tell Jack the military want him to train up a team of 4 young people who have special powers but have no idea how to really use them or work as a team.

Courteney Cox and Tim Allen in Zoom (2006)

I would love to say that the mock comic book opening to "Zoom" was enticing but to be blunt it lacks punch and is sort of there trying to set the scene and being typically super hero like but not achieving it. And to be honest the actual story is not anymore interesting as we have retired super hero Jack being forced into trying to teach a select group of super hero kids to master their special talents. He doesn't know why all of a sudden they want these kids trained and to be honest the reason, the return of his own superhero brother is not that interesting anyway. Basically the story is slim, in fact super slim but then "Zoom" definitely feels like it is trying to be visual humour for little children who won't be following a story, or at least a story that is more than super slim.

So as for that visual humour, well we have little Cindy who when she gets angry is very strong and then Tucker whose can super size limbs. These two deliver most of the funny visual humour as when it comes to Dylan being invisible and Summer having telekinetic powers well there not that funny. Throw in a joke about take a space ship for a joy ride to Wendy's and a few moments of slapstick and you have a lot of simple, obvious humour. As a young children's movie it is fine but lacks anything of mirth for those older people who watch. Even having Tim Allen playing Jack as sarcastic and bitter doesn't really provide that many laughs for those above the age of 12.

Talking of Tim Allen well to be honest Tim Allen delivers that same sort of sarcasm which he does in so many movies, fine for young people but a bit samey. Then there is Courteney Cox who it appears for most of the time does little other than slip over and on a similar note Chevy Chase doesn't really do much either. But then even when it comes to the young stars Ryan Newman, Spencer Breslin, Kate Mara and Michael Cassidy there doesn't seem to be much to their characters other than the visual gags.

What this all boils down to is that "Zoom" as a bit of super hero fun for young children sort of works with its simple visual humour. But it offers up nothing for anyone else and as such ends up feeling very weak and dull.