Your Love Never Fails (2011) (aka: A Valentine's Date) Elisa Donovan, Brad Rowe, Tom Skerritt, Fred Willard, Catherine Hicks, John Schneider, Kirstin Dorn, Victoria Pratt, Tracey Gold Movie Review

Your Love Never Fails (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Brad Rowe and Elisa Donovan in Your Love Never Fails (2011) (aka: A Valentine's Date)

The Country Girl

Laura (Elisa Donovan - The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation) manages to juggle being a single mum to her 9 year-old daughter, Kelsey (Kirstin Dorn), as well as her high powered job as an executive in the city. And whilst Kelsey would love to see her father more than just a couple of times a year she loves her life and her friends in the city. But that all changes when Kelsey's father, Dylan (Brad Rowe - Though None Go with Me), goes to court in his native Texas to increase his custody rights, which causes Laura and Kelsey to return home to her father, Jack's (Tom Skerritt - The Velveteen Rabbit), ranch whilst Laura tries to deal with things in court. Forced to spend time back at home, small town charms start to rub off on Laura as well as her estranged husband who is clearly a changed man.

Shown on Hallmark Movies & Mystery I would have to say that there isn't really much mystery to "Your Love Never Fails", also known as "A Valentine's Date", as it unsurprisingly reworks the whole city girl storyline heading back home, in this case to rural Texas, where old feelings are rekindled. Now in fairness in some of these made for TV movies the rekindling is with a former high school boyfriend where this one sees an estranged married couple challenging each other over custody of their daughter who discover they still have feelings for each other. But the over all feeling which "Your Love Never Fails" delivers is one of easy to watch romantic fun which doesn't challenge the audience because in the end it is familiar.

The things is that whilst familiar "Your Love Never Fails" works because it delivers that slice of ranch life which is almost fantasy like where every day is sunny and everyone is friendly. On top of that you have a cast of familiar faces from Elisa Donovan and Brad Rowe to Victoria Pratt and John Schneider. And it is the familiarity of the cast and their likeable nature which contributes to that overall sense of "Your Love Never Fails" being just a pleasant easy to watch drama, the sort of thing which is perfect for sleepy Sunday afternoons.

What this all boils down to is that "Your Love Never Fails" doesn't tread any new ground when it comes to storyline but delivers all the inoffensive likeability which fans of Hallmark movies watch them for.