You Killed My Mother (2017) (aka: I'm Coming for You) Carlena Britch, Ashley Jones, Seamus Patterson, Noam Jenkins, Jonathan Koensgen, Brad Milne, Laura Adamo, Alexa Devine, Sarah McVie Movie Review

You Killed My Mother (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Carlena Britch in You Killed My Mother (2017) (aka: I'm Coming for You)

The Death Groan

Jo Flay (Carlena Britch) knows her mum is an alcoholic who due to her drinking propblem has spent much of the past few months in and out of hospital. But when, on the latest emergency visit to hospital, a nurse tells Jo that her mother has been denied an emergency liver transplant because of her alcohol problem she flips out and attacks the nurse. It leads to Jo spending time in a psychiatric hospital where she sets about planning her revenge on not only the nurse, who she attacked, but also on hospital administrator, Miriam Preston (Ashley Jones - A Teacher's Crime), who was the decision maker when it came to refusing permission for her mother's transplant. But Miriam also has other problems as the ex-wife of the man she is now dating accuses her of stealing him from her, whilst her son has decided to change his plans as he met a girl called Jenny, oblivious to the fact that Jenny is Jo.

Welcome to this weeks episode of "Let me tell you everything in the first 10 minutes of a movie", or at least that is how "You Killed My Mother" comes across. In those first 10 minutes we have the drama of Jo attacking a nurse, we then jump 2 years and witness Jo talking to Miriam's son on the phone whilst privately making it clear she plans to make everyone pay. And just for good measure we have the ex-wife scorned making threats to Miriam. What it means is that for the most "You Killed My Mother" is a procession of Jo being scheming, manipulating people to get what she wants and killing those who cross her or at least those she feels have crossed her.

Ashley Jones in You Killed My Mother (2017) (aka: I'm Coming for You)

Now technically the storyline to "You Killed My Mother" is not the problem, it is ridiculous but has enough going on to make it entertaining despite being a bit of a procession. But the problem really is the writing and we have some terrible scenes, terrible dialogue and sadly some really poor acting. It makes "You Killed My Mother" a movie which constantly makes you groan especially when we are made aware that, thanks to her criminal father, Jo has the skills of a spy and the ruthlessness of an assassin whilst the character of an evil genius who watches her victims die whilst stroking a cat. It is just wrong on so many levels.

What this all boils down to is that "You Killed My Mother" is a movie with a few nice ideas but is dominated by many, and I do mean many, problems with it being one of those movies which make you groan in almost every single scene.