You Belong to Me (2002) Lesley-Anne Down, Tony Desantis, Barclay Hope, Daniel Morgenroth Movie Review

You Belong to Me (2002)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lesley-Anne Down in You Belong to Me (2002)

You Belong to the Generic Pile

Psychiatrist and radio show host Dr. Susan Chancellor (Lesley-Anne Down - The King's Guard) becomes involved in a case involving a missing women as she tries to help one of her patients who is grasping for hope over her daughter's disappearance. With the help of fellow psychiatrist Dr. Richards (Daniel Morgenroth) and wealthy businessman Aidan Masters (Barclay Hope - 'Twas the Night) start investigating the cases of missing women. But as Susan becomes more involved and getting closer to the truth it puts her own life in jeopardy.

Have you got something to do but fancy putting on a movie as background to what you are doing? Well if that is the case "You Belong to Me", which is part of the Mary Higgins Clark mystery movie series, is possibly the movie for you. Whilst we have an original story it is just the cover to a familiar set up of a mystery involving deaths, a woman turning amateur detective and as her investigations brings her nearer to the truth she finds herself in peril. Basically "You Belong to Me" is just a typical made for TV mystery movie which of course lines up a few suspects in a less than subtle manner.

The trouble with "You Belong to Me" is that whilst it is everything you expect from one of these Mary Higgins Clark TV movies it fails to grab your attention. Other movies in the series have done a reasonable job of drawing you in within the opening few scenes but this one tries to create some mystery as a few newspaper headlines are flung at us but fails to grab us. It means right from the word go it becomes ignorable and as the story slowly unravels, and I do mean slowly, you find your mind wandering.

The only thing which to be honest is good about "You Belong to Me" is Lesley-Anne Down as whilst her character is the unrealistic sort found in this type of TV movie she attacks the role with relish which at least breathes some life into the movie. Beyond Lesley-Anne Down the performances are generic as are the characters and as is typical the various men we meet are less than subtle in acting suspicious in order to make us wonder which one could be the dangerous one.

What this all boils down to is that "You Belong to Me" is just another generic made for TV mystery movie from the Mary Higgins Clark series. But unlike others in the series it really struggles to grab your attention early enough to suck you in to the story before all the less than subtle elements take over.