Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009) starring Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Gil Kolirin, Christian Contreras directed by Declan O'Brien Movie Review

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Janet Montgomery in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Enjoyably Bad Guys

With those in charge at a prison suspecting that plans are in place for an escape when they transfer a group of prisoners, including the ruthless Chavez (Tamer Hassan), the hierarchy decide to move up the transfer to an unannounced earlier slot. It means that Nate (Tom Frederic) on his last day as a guard is part of the transfer team along with his friend Walter (Charles Venn). But it is not friends of the convicts which they need to be concerned with but the mutants lead by Three Fingers (Borislav Iliev) who live up in the woods and have booby trapped the area.

The "Wrong Turn" movies have not made a huge impact on me and I had to revisit my reviews of the first and second movie to remind myself as to what happened. As such when I came across "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead" I wasn't that surprised to learn that it went direct to video. Yet that didn't worry me because having reminded myself of "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" I knew that if they came close to capturing the gore and the comedy then it would entertain even if it wouldn't be a great movie.

Tamer Hassan in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

And so "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead" started very much in the spirit of the previous movie with 4 teenagers rafting in the woods, when they stop and the girls strip down to bikinis with one of them deciding to go topless, because that's what you do in the woods with all those bugs flying around! Anyway what follows is simple comical gore with arrows flying and hitting exactly where a dirty mind would imagine whilst eye balls get munched and a young man falls victim of a cheese slice. This opening does serve a purpose as one of the girls, Alex, escapes and later on in the movie ends up with the convicts and guards.

On the subject of which what eventually follows is pretty basic as prisoners and guards are stuck in the booby trapped woods at night with these mutants to deal with. The good thing is that these tough prisoners are not just wannabe Rambos as we have the violent Chavez leading them and he is a man who assesses every situation he finds himself in whilst intimidating those around him. As such Tamer Hassan delivers one of the movie's more convincing performances with a lot of ordinary characters surrounding him.

Of course you don't watch "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead" with huge expectations and it isn't memorable with the poor special effects probably being the most memorable aspect of the movie. I say poor but in some cases I reckon the cheap looking gore was intentional in order to be comical especially during the opening scenes. But whilst there are horror movies out there with far more convincing special effects these add to the general sense of entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead" like the previous movies is okay, it entertains in the moment but it is nothing special and the sort of movie which you will have to remind yourself of if you ever came across it again.