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Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017)

A Different Boyfriend for Christmas

Whilst her family, especially her niece, want Heather (Tatyana Ali) to find the right man and settle down her focus this Christmas is on a promotion as the owner of the mall says it is hers if she terminates the leases on all the under performing stores. One of those stores is Patty's Toys who like many is struggling due to people using the internet rather than going shopping. It doesn't help matters that she has also hurt her arm which is why her nephew, Ryan (Brendan Fehr), a former lawyer now aspiring painter, is helping out at her store and also standing in for his friend playing Santa in the mall. It is whilst being the Mall Santa that Ryan listens to a little girl's wishes that her aunt Heather would find a boyfriend for Christmas and as Ryan has already bumped in to Heather twice and found her attractive decides to make the wish come true. Thing is that Heather doesn't know Ryan is Santa and Ryan doesn't know that Heather is the person who is reluctantly trying to terminate his aunt's lease.

Let me get straight to the point and say that "Wrapped Up In Christmas" is the sort of made for TV Christmas movie which is going to entertain more if you are yet to watch many older made for TV Christmas movies. So yes basically what I am saying is that "Wrapped Up In Christmas" is simply another, familiar made for Christmas movie which uses the old combination of romance where secrets come out to cause issues. I wish I could say more than that but this telegraphs pretty much everything and as such is just a walk through to an inevitable, well at least mostly inevitable ending, with a tone which is more cute and corny than romantic and dramatic.

But what "Wrapped Up In Christmas" gives you alongside plenty of shopping mall decorations and some upbeat Christmas songs is a recognisable cast. As such whilst you have Tatyana Ali and Brendan Fehr playing the leads in the supporting cast you have the familiar faces of Mindy Sterling, Dan Lauria, Jack?e Harry and Joseph Marcell. The thing is that whilst the faces are familiar this is one of those made for TV Christmas movies where it feels like the actors are just going through the motions, delivering their lines but never really bringing their characters to life or at least connecting in a believable manner.

What this all boils down to is that for fans of made for TV Christmas movies "Wrapped Up In Christmas" is likely to be just another routine offering. But for those who are new to this sort of Christmas movies it might work a little better.

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