Woman on the Edge (2018) Rumer Willis, Jeffery Patterson, Michael Sirow, Christina DeRosa, Kirsten Lea, Angie Everhart, Gregory Zarian, T. Lynn Eanes, Twan Kuyper Movie Review

Woman on the Edge (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rumer Willis and Jeffery Patterson in Woman on the Edge (2018)

No Edge Whatsoever

When Susan Waterman (Rumer Willis) gets the call to rush to the scene of a jumper to do a live report, she is horrified when she realises that it is her own sister, Cathy (Rumer Willis), who is the jumper and is unable to prevent her falling to her death. But when there are a series of similar suicides Susan believes that these tragic deaths were in fact murder. But it seems that whilst Susan suspects that a man who dated the women is guilty, popular TV presenter, Dr. Mitchell (Jeffery Patterson), finds himself a suspect due to his connections with the women.

Let me put this simply, I am sure all the actors in "Woman on the Edge" are good, capable of delivering entertaining performances and interesting characters. But in this thriller, which it barely is, not a single actor puts in a good performance with every single one ending up delivering dull characters. In fact scene after scene it feels like the actors are just delivering the lines which they have only just read and have not had any direction when it comes to how these characters should be.

The thing is that with the acting ending up so poor it is hard to get into "Woman on the Edge" and be thrilled by the crime drama which is unfolding. Because the characters are so weak you don't care who the bad guy is, who ends up dead, whether or not Dr. Mitchell is involved or not or whether Susan gets to the bottom of things or ends up at the bottom of a very long fall.

What this all boils down to is that "Woman on the Edge" ends up a depressingly weak movie which never comes close to drawing you in. In fact the weak characters and poor acting does a better job of pushing you away rather than drawing you in.