Witness to a Kill (2001) Gary Daniels, Nick Boraine, Eva Habermann, Françoise Yip, John Standing Movie Review

Witness to a Kill (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Gary Daniels and Eva Habermann in Witness to a Kill (2001)

Coming on Strong

Top British soldier Captain Strong (Gary Daniels) is sent on a mission to South Africa having received the call from Her Majesty's Secret Service. Part of his mission is to convey important information of a top secret conference set up to deal with the trouble of modern poachers. But it doesn't take long for Captain Strong finding himself trading blows with terrorists and kidnappers which not only put him in danger but also the women who are close to him.

I wonder if there was a time when Gary Daniels had aspirations of becoming James Bond, giving the top British agent a more of a kick ass martial arts style than previous actors had given him. Of course I say that because as I watched "Witness to a Kill" it was clear that Captain Strong is very much a hero in the manner of Bond who is sent on dangerous missions, is a hit with the women and never short of a one liner especially when delivering with pompous authority. But he is less refined and doesn't sound like he went to a posh private school but a regular comprehensive in some non descript town.

But that in a way explains why "Witness to a Kill" ends up most of the time boring as sadly Daniels just isn't very interesting when it comes to all the details of what is going on, as in when he discusses bad guys with officials it is mind numbing stuff. It makes it unsurprisingly a movie all about the action but yet again this isn't exactly that special with a lot of over editing, shooting instead of fighting and when there is some hand to hand combat the editing is a bit to aggressive. To put it simply there are much better Gary Daniels movies which showcase his talent more than this.

What this all boils down to is that "Witness to a Kill" ends up a movie which fails to really get or hold your attention although every now and then throws up a scene which will distract you from what ever elese you were distracted by after putting this on.