With Love, Christmas (2017) Emilie Ullerup, Aaron O'Connell, Rustin Gresiuk, Devielle Johnson, Jett Klyne, Milo Shandel, Jason Tremblay Movie Review

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With Love, Christmas (2017)

Hallmark's Secret Santa

Melanie (Emilie Ullerup - Hearts of Christmas), an advertising executive, is a kind and caring person who really loves Christmas, unfortunately her niceness means she tends to be a bit of a pushover. As such she finds herself working with Donovan (Aaron O'Connell - 12 Gifts of Christmas), her handsome colleague, who is very stand-offish and doesn't do Christmas, which is critical to winning an advertising campaign for a cell phone company. But things are a bit more complicated as Donovan happens to be the person Melanie is due to buy a Secret Santa gift for and her secretive attempts to learn what he likes only leads to him thinking someone else is interested in him.

There is a scene in "With Love, Christmas" where Melanie gets everything out to decorate her home for Christmas and not only is everything beautifully packed away in plastic boxes but she has enough Christmas decorations to fill an entire walk in cupboard and her home probably two times over. Of course that is not really a surprise as "With Love, Christmas" is a Hallmark Christmas movie and I have lost count of the number of picture perfect rooms adorned with the sort of festive garlands and multiple Christmas trees which might bankrupt most people I have encounted in their movies. In truth the look is a big part of the movie's appeal and as such it will certainly help put people in the mood for decorating and trying to emulate some of what they see in "With Love, Christmas".

But of course there is more to "With Love, Christmas" than the Christmas decorations and we have two themes combined as firstly we have a question as to why Donovan has been so cold to anything Christmas, which isn't a huge surprise when we discover the reason. And the other is Melanie falling for him only for him to fall for someone else who he thinks is his secret Santa and the one who has been chatting to him online, unknowing that it is Melanie. It is simple stuff with the use of the whole anonymously chatting online likely to remind some movie fans of "You've Got Mail". In truth "With Love, Christmas" is just a typically pleasant Hallmark romantic comedy made all the more so by the pleasant by the pairing of Emilie Ullerup and Aaron O'Connell who look good together.

What this all boils down to is that "With Love, Christmas" is a pleasant Hallmark Christmas movie which is simple to follow, easy on the eye and has so many wonderful Christmas decorations that I reckon they must have emptied the warehouse in decorating the sets.

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