Wild Wind (1985) Jay North, George Montgomery, Dale Cummings, Dusan Janicijevic, Viktor Proskurin Movie Review

Wild Wind (1985)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Wild Wind (1985)

A Wind Whistles

With war raging on and the Nazis causing major holes in the allied attacks a specially formed unit of men are put together for a special mission. That mission is to destroy a heavily armoured Nazi train which has been causing problems all across the Yugoslavian countryside.

That synopsis for "Wild Wind" is short and sweet purely because there is so little to be said about this movie. Here is one of a number of World War II movies which came out of Yugoslavia during the 80s and followed the tradition set in Hollywood war movies where an elite team would be assembled to attack and destroy a Nazi stronghold. Sometimes these men were expendable; sometimes they were prisoners of war who needed a second chance and so on. As such it would be fair to say that even before "Wild Wind" starts you will know what is to come.

But depending on your love of movies you might not be prepared for the lack of anything to make you engrossed in the storyline, characters and action. This is a problem which befell many a WWII movie during the 80s which sprung out of Europe and as such "Wild Wind" lacks directional style, tension, excitement and characters which draw you in to the unfolding war drama. It is by no means the worst of this type of movie but if you are unprepared for what feels like amateur movie making it will be a shock,

What this all boils down to is that "Wild Wind" is weak when it comes to World War II action movies but in truth with it being a product of the Yugoslavian movie industry from the mid 80s it isn't really that surprising.