Wild Things 2 (2004) starring Susan Ward, Leila Arcieri, Isaiah Washington, Joe Michael Burke, Linden Ashby, Tony Denison, Katie Stuart directed by Jack Perez Movie Review

Wild Things 2 (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Susan Ward as Brittney Havers in Wild Things 2 (2004)

The Same Thing

It's been quite a while since I last watched "Wild Things" and despite enjoying it I couldn't remember much of the story. What I did remember was mainly the eroticism, yes I remember it as a thriller full of twists, but it was the suggestive sex scenes which stayed with me. So when I sat down to watch "Wild Tings 2" it took a bit of time to put things is place, well what I mean is that the 2 in this case doesn't mean sequel but the same modus operandi of the first movie with just a slightly different storyline and characters. As such we have twists, we have eroticism and a bit more eroticism and in the end it is nothing more than a slightly changed remake of "Wild Things".

When Brittney Havers (Susan Ward) step father dies in a plane crash she is expecting to be left everything in his will. So she is not only disappointed when she gets a pittance in his will but even more furious when local trailer trash Maya King (Leila Arcieri) comes forward as the illegitimate daughter of Niles Dunlap (Tony Denison) and the rightful heir to his fortune. But are things as simple as they seem, insurance investigator Terence Bridge (Isaiah Washington - True Crime) doesn't think so and starts to snoop into the case.

Leila Arcieri and Susan Ward in Wild Things 2 (2004)

In truth if this movie had been made first and "Wild Things" had come after we would be saying how "Wild Things" was just a rehash because we have basically 2 movies which are the same and whilst "Wild Things" had stars it is the only difference. As such watching "Wild Things 2" having watched "Wild Things" it becomes a waiting game of when things will eventually happen. By that I mean when will the initial reveal come with the shock twist, which is no shock, and when will we get are first girl on girl action. In fact before we even get there we get plenty of bikini clad babes and a shockingly cheesy shower action. But despite a different story and characters it is a waiting game for things to happen and how contrived and twisted things become.

Having said all that for those who watch "Wild Things 2" having never seen the first movie with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards getting down and dirty it works. Whilst contrived the twists will grab your attention and the eroticism certainly lasts a lot longer this time around, although it is just a mirror of what happens in the first movie.

And that in truth is it because whilst both Susan Ward and Leila Arcieri are attractive their characters are not exactly great. In fact some of the acting this time around borders on the corny and at times it gives it a feel of being a bit spoof like which in a way strangely works to make it even more entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Wild Things 2" is basically "Wild Things" with a different base story and characters but delivering the same twists and eroticism which made the first movie what it was. This time it doesn't have any major movie stars but if you want eroticism and outrageous twists it will entertain.