Widow on the Hill (2005) Natasha Henstridge, James Brolin, Jewel Staite, Gabriel Hogan, Jeff Roop, Roman Podhora, Melinda Deines Movie Review

Widow on the Hill (2005)   3/53/53/53/53/5

James Brolin and Natasha Henstridge in Widow on the Hill (2005)

Angel of Death

Having been through a few marriages Linda Dupree (Natasha Henstridge - Steal) finds herself abandoned in the middle of nowhere, which is where she spots the most beautiful house on a hill. Having moved in to a trailer and put herself through college to become a hospice nurse she finds herself employed by Hank Cavanaugh (James Brolin - The Reagans), the owner of that house on the hill whose wife is terminally ill and needs hospice care. When Hank's wife passes away he ends up marrying Linda, except Hank then dies and his fortune, including the home passes on to her. Unsurprisingly suspicion falls with Hank's daughters and some of his long term friends are more than suspicious of her.

Every movie I watch I try to find some sort of depth, some thing over looked which can work as a talking point to highlight where a movie is good. I am struggling to find anything in "Widow on the Hill" which really stands out, which is worthy of focusing upon. As such what we have is a routine tale of an attractive woman who marries an older man who then comes under suspicion of being a murdering money grabber when her husband mysteriously dies. It is routine in the fact in this case it is one of Hank's daughters who quickly takes a dislike to Linda, especially as she sees that her father is obviously fond of her. It means that as the movie plays out, often coming across like a TV interview following Hank's murder, we keep watching wondering what the outcome will be, will Linda get away with a crime, will she end up inside or was she in truth innocent after all.

But whilst for me "Widow on the Hill" doesn't deliver anything unexpected when it comes to what happens it does have some thing going for it which is the look. For a TV movie there has been a lot of thought when it comes to the look of scenes with lots of nice silhouetting going on as well as use of warm tones to make this house on the hill an attractive, even enticing place. On top of that there is the cast appeal with James Brolin delivering plenty of silver haired charm as the wealthy older man whilst Natasha Henstridge is extremely attractive though out and gives her character that seductive side so when she opens a fur coat to reveal she is wearing lingerie it doesn't surprise you. Yes the character of the hot, young temptress is typical but Henstridge plays the part well and works well with James Brolin.

What this all boils down to is that "Widow on the Hill" is a good looking drama full of good looking actors and nice location shots. But storyline wise this is a pretty routine movie which works its way through a lot of expected scenes with it being a case of which out of three ways is it likely going to end up being the only real mystery.