Wicked Mom's Club (2017) Jessica Blackmore, Virginia Tucker, Ashley Wood, Ann Hu, Joy Darash, Geri-Nikole Love, Trevor St. John Movie Review

Wicked Mom's Club (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Virginia Tucker and Jessica Blackmore in Wicked Mom's Club (2017)

Mean Moms

With her marriage failed and her daughter, Riley (Virginia Tucker), having become involved in drugs, Mandy (Jessica Blackmore - Ex-Wife Killer) decides the best thing for the both of them is to move to a new town for a fresh start. It is whilst taking Riley to school, for her first day, that Mandy meets Olivia (Ashley Wood), along with some other moms, with Olivia taking Mandy under her wing and introducing her to the country club set. But whilst Mandy hears rumours about a previous mom who committed suicide, and warned by some to be wary of Olivia, she pays no attention as things are going well for her and Riley with Olivia helping to promote her blog. But it seems maybe things are going a little too well as out of nowhere everything which was going right suddenly goes wrong with Riley suspended from the gym squad and an endorsement deal for Mandy's blog falling through. Could it be those who warned her about Olivia were right?

What happens when a Mean Girl grows up, they turn in to a Mean Mom who is not only pushy and controlling when it comes to their daughter but is devious and manipulating when it comes to the other moms or anyone who upsets her. That is what you get in "Wicked Mom's Club" as what we watch is Mandy getting drawn in to the manipulative world of Olivia, getting warned and seeing the warning signs before Olivia releases her wrath on her and making both her life and her daughter's life a complete misery. "Wicked Mom's Club" is that simple and so it becomes a case of wondering whether Mandy will be able to fight back or whether Olivia will drive another mom to commit suicide although remember we are talking a Lifetime movie so you can take a guess at what sort of drama and danger is in store for Mandy.

So yes, "Wicked Mom's Club" is pretty predictable but it certainly has one thing in its favour. And that is Jessica Blackmore who manages to make Mandy a sympathetic character who you can get behind rather than just focusing on how she looks. And in fairness whilst her evilness seems more in keeping with a character out of Dynasty, Ashley Wood is strangely entertaining as Olivia, almost making her a pantomime villain who deserves a few boos and hisses.

What this all boils down to is that "Wicked Mom's Club" is one of those Lifetime movies which is obvious the minute the pieces are dropped in to place yet at the same time it still entertains.