Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love (2015) Yaya DaCosta, Arlen Escarpeta, Yolonda Ross, Suzzanne Douglas, Mark Rolston Movie Review

Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Arlen Escarpeta and Yaya DaCosta in Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love (2015)

Whitney & Bobby

When Whitney (Yaya DaCosta - Take the Lead) met Bobby (Arlen Escarpeta - Friday the 13th) she found herself attracted to this nice guy with great abs. And after going out with him a few times she realises they have a lot more in common than she first thought. But with Whitney initially reluctant to commit to a relationship as well as being rumoured to be dating Eddie Murphy (Reign Morton) Bobby shows his jealous side. Despite this they still get together to have a turbulent romance whilst both becoming reliant on drugs to fuel their hectic life styles.

As someone who was a teenager during the 80s Whitney Houston plays a big part in the soundtrack of my life, and to be honest Bobby Brown makes an appearance as well with just a few seconds, so their songs transport me back to my younger, lot more fun years. But whilst like many I am aware that Whitney and Bobby ended up in a turbulent relationship I don't know the details, either that of their individual lives or as a couple. Now maybe that is a blessing when it comes to watching "Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love" as some of the issues other reviewers have pointed out with this movie fly right over my head. But even then I still have to say that this ends up a pretty disappointing biopic.

The trouble with "Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love" is that it doesn't tell us anything new be it that Whitney was using drugs before she married Bobby or that Bobby had a jealous side. There is next to no depth to this at all and at times almost borders on being exploitative as we get various scenes of Whitney and Bobby in bed. The thing is that I am not in the least bit surprised because "Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love" is a Lifetime movie and sadly it follows the routine when it comes to biopics of dramatizing the story everyone knows rather than putting a bit more work in to going beneath the sheets to deliver something which surprises people.

What this all boils down to is that as a drama "Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love" is entertaining up to a point. But as a biopic about the turbulent relationship of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown it comes up short on depth.