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Meghan Markle in When Sparks Fly (2014)

Sparks Fly for Markle

I wonder what it is like in a studio office when they are looking for new movies to make, sometimes I wonder whether they just look through old scripts and see if they can wrangle a story just by changing a few minor elements such as names, dates and places. It probably doesn't work that way but as I watched "When Sparks Fly", a Hallmark romantic comedy, it simply felt like someone had grabbed an old script for a romantic comedy decided to set it during the July the 4th celebrations and then switched on autopilot as whilst "When Sparks Fly" is entertaining it is for all sense and purpose identical to a ton of other romantic comedies which you will discover on TV especially from the Hallmark Channel.

So in truth "When Sparks Fly" doesn't demand a great deal said about it as when we see the cute Amy, and cute is a word which goes hand in hand with sweet in this movie, returning home on a working holiday and come face to face with Hank, her former boyfriend, you already know how things are going to play out. If you didn't they make sure you know that Amy is currently with the wrong man as Lochlyn Munro intentionally turns on the arrogance as her city boyfriend Phil who of course is always working and is frequently patronising. Yes we have the added confusion of Amy's best friend due to marry Hank but it doesn't add that much of a deviation from the obvious path which is there is still something there between Amy and Hank.

Christopher Jacot in When Sparks Fly (2014)

But "When Sparks Fly" is fun and has all the cute, sugary stuff you expect from a Hallmark romantic comedy and that includes Meghan Markle who is attractive, Christopher Jacot who is pleasantly handsome and ideal boyfriend material plus there is Kristina Pesic who brings most of the movie's over the top comedy as the 4th of July infatuated bride to be. Don't get me wrong as "When Sparks Fly" is a Hallmark movie where there is not a single character with an ounce of depth or complexity in but you get what you expect which is a whole lot of wholesome niceness from Meghan Markle and Christopher Jacot.

What this all boils down to is that "When Sparks Fly" is a 100% a typical Hallmark movie and features such a familiar storyline that within minutes you already know how it is going to end when it comes to Meghan Markle and Christopher Jacot's characters. Yes it does mean it is corny, sweet and incredibly false yet it is in truth what you watch a Hallmark romantic comedy for in the first place.