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Tom Cullen in Weekend (2011)

A Weekend to Remember

Russell (Tom Cullen) is just a regular guy, lives in a regular flat and has regular mates who he goes around their houses on a Friday night to see. But Russell despite being happy always feels a bit left out and that is because as a gay man who whilst out is still reserved about his sexuality. But then on a whim after a Friday nights drinking at a friend's place he heads to a gay bar where he meets Glen (Chris New) and they spend the night together. After a bit of an awkward next morning as Glen tapes Russell talking about the night before they meet up again and get to know each other a little better as the weekend plays out.

I have a mixed feeling over "Weekend" as some things about this movie are exceptionally good but others threaten to spoil it. The good is this touching look at the life of Russell and also his relationship with Glen. I separated the two as part of the story is about Russell dealing with being cautious about being open about his sex life and his homosexually preferring not to flaunt his sexuality in front of others and puts up with their comments and talks about doing it in order not to rock the boat. For many who step out of their comfort zone and watch "Weekend" it may open their eyes to the fact that not everyone is the same and ignorant discussions could be offending someone.

But of course we get the relationship between Russell and Glen and we watch from the morning after them getting to know each other. Glen gets to understand why he is reserved about talking about sex as well as his love of condiments whilst Russell learns about why Glen is more open about talking about sex. And it is a touching drama about two men getting to know each other and becoming close. On the subject of which it is nicely acted by Tom Cullen and Chris New, assured but sensitive which makes it easy to watch.

Unfortunately there is something about "Weekend" which I don't like and it is the blunt open discussions of sex. I don't know what it is but whether it is a man talking about a woman and how many fingers or a man talking about another man messing about with his ..... (vagueness only to avoid censorship) it is too blunt for me. Ironically the scenes of suggested sex don't bother me at all it is just the almost shock factor of the in your face dialogue which to me is out of place and forcing things.

What this all boils down to is that "Weekend" is a good movie, an insightful look at a relationship between two gay men and the tentiveness of one who is reserved about his sexuality. It isn't going to be for everyone and there are some scenes and dialogue which may shock but it is a good movie if you are looking to expand your movie watching horizons.