Wedding Bells (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danica McKellar and Kavan Smith in Wedding Bells (2016)

Another Hallmark Wedding

New York City fashion designer Molly Quinn (Danica McKellar) doesn't have time for romance in her life but when her best friend Amy (Tammy Gillis) asks her to not only be maid-of-honour at her wedding to James (Christopher Russell) but also act as wedding planner she can't say no. And it brings Molly in to contact with Nick (Kavan Smith), James' best man who she met once before at an event he was catering. But when Amy & James run in to money difficulties Molly & Nick work together to still throw them a stunning wedding but on the cheap. As Molly and Nick spend hours working together they find themselves falling for each other but unfortunately the stress of the situation is having the opposite effect on Amy and James.

After a time you find yourself at a loss for words when reviewing movies, okay not lost for words so much but lost for something new to say. And that is definitely the case when you sit down to watch and review another Hallmark movie because so often these movies end up feeling like a reworking of a previous years movie. As such as I was watching "Wedding Bells" which sees Danica McKellar helping to plan a wedding all I could do is think of the other Hallmark movies it reminded me of, none more so than the previous years "Perfect Match" which saw McKellar play, yes a wedding planner who falls for the grooms' cousin.

As such "Wedding Bells" is a Hallmark movie short on surprises and large on routine most noticeably the coming together of Molly and Nick over late night wedding planning as they fall for each other. Of course all this falling for each other takes place at a beautiful location where even a dilapidated barn looks gorgeous due to the way the sun shines through the broken roof. And yes on top of that Danica McKellar is as cute as ever whilst Kavan Smith delivers kind and handsome to the point that if he was a bucket it would be over flowing. The only trouble is that there is no spark between McKellar and Smith so it is only ever two good looking actors going through the motions.

What this all boils down to is that "Wedding Bells" is a seen it all before movie which in many ways trades on its audiences like for the familiar whilst also trading on the appeal of nice stars rather than characters who have chemistry.