Weather Wars (2011) (aka: Storm War) Wes Brown, Jason London, Stacy Keach, Lance E. Nichols, Erin Cahill, Jesse De Luna, Gary Grubbs, Indigo, Nick Jones Jr., Billy Slaughter Movie Review

Weather Wars (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jason London and Wes Brown in Weather Wars (2011) (aka: Storm War)

Storm Warning

Having not seen each other in years, brothers David (Jason London - Snow Beast) and Jacob (Wes Brown - Love's Resounding Courage) come together when a series of strange storms featuring red lightning and blood coloured rain hit Washington D.C. and the Pentagon. Fearing that their eccentric, scientist father, Marcus (Stacy Keach - Hindenburg), may be behind the biblical weather, due to an old grudge with a politician, they set about not only tracking him down but also coming across a way of preventing him unleashing even more extreme weather.

I think having spent a few weeks watching these late night sci-fi movies I have hit my limit again because as I watched "Weather Wars", which amongst its other names is known as "Storm War", I struggled to stay focused on what was going on. Then again "Weather Wars" is weak and maybe it wasn't bad sci-fi movie burn out which was causing me to drift but the fact that there isn't a lot to this movie which demands you pay attention. Angry scientist wanting revenge causing destruction through his control of the elements and his two sons trying to prevent him. It isn't much and you spend so much the movie hoping for something more to develop but it never does.

As such what you can say is that "Weather Wars" relies on a visually appealing trio of stars in Wes Brown, Jason London and Erin Cahill getting the run around by an over the top Stacy Keach. Being over the top is actually a good thing from Keach as if he had played Marcus as anything other than a crazed caricature it would have been dull and he needed to be almost comic book evil. Aside from that we have the special effects which feature the usual array of CG flashes and flares you will see in many other late night sci-fi movies especially those which are made for TV.

What this all boils down to is that "Weather Wars" is not a good movie and fits in the group of late night disaster movies which feature less than convincing CG special effects. But unlike some of those other movies this one doesn't have enough going on to get and keep hold of your attention and relies more than ever on the appeal of its stars.