Walking the Dog (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jennifer Finnigan and Sam Page in Walking the Dog (2017)

A Canine Cupid

Good natured attorney Kristie Simmons (Jennifer Finnigan) is a life long local and is currently championing a group of locals who are battling to get bike lanes installed on the roads. But when Kristie isn't working or hanging around with her mum, Barb (Lini Evans), she is visiting her friend Bill (Peter Benson), a veterinarian who just so happens has a dog named Gidget which needs looking after for a few weeks. It is whilst out walking the cute Gidget she meets handsome Keith Amos (Sam Page), an attorney in town from Seattle for a few weeks and they end up hitting it off. But any chance of romance blossoming comes to a stuttering halt when she discovers Keith is the attorney for the opposing counsel.

There are various things you can say about Hallmark Channel romantic comedies and when it comes to "Walking the Dog" the most apt is that it is text book. We have the flirtations and budding romance between two people on opposite sides of an issue affecting a whole town. About the only differences here is that not only does Kristie have a sort of boyfriend in nice guy Bill but the issue in town isn't some hideous redevelopment which will wreck the place but the addition of bike lanes to improve safety at a cost to the council.

So how do you try to breathe life in to something which is almost entirely stereotypical. Well of course there is the likeable nature of the cast with Jennifer Finnigan and Sam Page bringing out the playfulness of their flirtations from opposing sides. But there is also the great location of the town with a wonderfully rustic coastline which looks great for walks. But the killer stroke when it comes to "Walking the Dog" are the dogs especially the cute little dog which plays Gidget which is so full of cute tricks that even a non dog lover might melt.

What this all boils down to is that "Walking the Dog" is just some typical Hallmark romantic comedy fun with an added dose of cute thanks to some well trained dogs.