Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) (aka: Little Girl's Secret) Maria Bello, Sophie Nélisse, Callum Keith Rennie, Isabelle Nélisse Movie Review

Wait Till Helen Comes (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Sophie Nélisse and Maria Bello in Wait Till Helen Comes (2016) (aka: Little Girl's Secret)

Reconstructed Ghost Story for a Reconstructed Family

With Jean (Maria Bello - Big Driver), an artist, and Dave (Callum Keith Rennie - The Invisible), a writer, getting together it leads to their children coming together which means for Molly (Sophie Nélisse - The Book Thief) she now has a sister in Heather (Isabelle Nélisse - Mama). But when this new family move to an old church, which has been converted in to a home, Molly discovers she has a super natural gift whilst dealing with strange dreams. It is the gift which may help her save Heather who is acting strangely and seems to be being controlled by some sort of restless spirit.

Well I certainly have a knack for picking them; then again maybe I don't, as the last movie I watched and reviewed featured a family moving in to a haunted house and some how I find myself watching another movie with a supernatural angle to it. Unfortunately "Wait Till Helen Comes" did little for me as it failed to draw me in to this new family dynamic living in a former church where creepy things start to happen. The strange thing is that "Wait Till Helen Comes" isn't the cliche ridden horror movie which was what I described the last movie I watched as yet it could so easily have been as the set up is there to just stick to what everyone knows. The acting is also better in this movie even though the characters are pretty generic and forgettable. Even the camera work has some nice touches.

But between a lot of the movie being shot in the dark and a storyline which didn't grab me "Wait Till Helen Comes" ended up a slog of the movie. The trouble is that supernatural movies which are made more with a TV audience in mind or at least not aiming to deliver the full on horror package end up struggling to be gripping as they end up neither here nor there. That is the trouble with "Wait Till Helen Comes" as it has potential but never achieves any of it as it is neither here nor there.

What this all boils down to is that "Wait Till Helen Comes" simply under whelmed me as whilst it had some nice aspects and some potential the end result was bland and failed to be gripping or scary.