Virtual Lies (2012) (aka: Cyber Seduction) Christina Cox, Marc Menard, Ali Liebert, Quinn Lord, Brenda Crichlow, Jennifer Spence Movie Review

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Christina Cox in Virtual Lies (2012) (aka: Cyber Seduction)

Obsessed Online

Things between Jamie (Christina Cox - Making Mr. Right) and her husband, William (Marc Menard - Seduced by Lies), have become tense ever since money got tight and when she sees William behaving secretively on his computer she decides to sneak a look. What she discovers is that William has been flirting with a woman online. What neither William nor Jamie know is that the woman he has been flirting with is Alison (Ali Liebert - Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade), the receptionist at their doctor's who not only has anger management issues but plans to remove Jamie from the picture so that she can be with William.

When I stumbled across "Virtual Lies", which is also known as "Cyber Seduction", part of me was hoping for this to be a thriller built around the internet. Sadly that isn't the case as whilst the internet is the lead in to the story all we have is another variation on the obsessed woman who is delusional over a married man and dangerous when it comes to others in his life. It is a theme which has been covered many times and as such whilst we have a decent cast lead by Christina Cox there is little else to it to make "Virtual Lies" stand out from the crowd.

Ali Liebert in Virtual Lies (2012) (aka: Cyber Seduction)

So as I mentioned "Virtual Lies" is basically your bog standard obsessed woman movie and is all about the lengths which Alison will go to destroy Jamie whilst neither Jamie or her husband know it is her behind the trouble. Now this is where "Virtual Lies" gets ridiculous as Alison is a young woman who we discover has anger issues and works as a doctor's receptionist yet has the computer skills of someone working in the computer industry. There are a lot of ridiculous elements to this which ruin the movie, causing laughter because of how unbelievable they are. And these ridiculous moments are interspersed with a lot of cliche elements such as when Jamie and William unwittingly ask Alison to baby-sit and so she steals some of Jamie's things.

But there is also an amusing sense of irony about "Virtual Lies" as Jamie works as an anger management expert, counselling young people who have been ordered to seek help. If anyone in this movie needs help it is Alison whose anger constantly boils over in ridiculous ways.

The one thing which "Virtual Lies" has going for it as do many of these modern TV movies is the simple fact that the cast, especially Christina Cox, is attractive. It means that whilst her character and the other characters are ridiculous, technically poorly written, you don't mind watching them.

What this all boils down to is that "Virtual Lies" is a reworking of a familiar theme about a dangerously delusional woman trying to destroy another. The fact that so much of it is ridiculous is what spoils the movie as the basic idea whilst familiar could work.