Victim Five (1964) starring Lex Barker, Ronald Fraser, Ann Smyrner, Véronique Vend Movie Review

Victim Five (1964)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lex Barker in Victim Five (1964)

The Name's Martin, Steve Martin

Tycoon Wexler (Walter Rilla) calls New York detective Steve Martin (Lex Barker) to come to Cape Town as he needs his services. No soon as Steve has landed but trouble starts when someone tries to run him off a cliff top road. With several attractive women to keep Steve entertained he sets about getting to the bottom of who is threatening Wexler and in turning trying to prevent him doing his job.

James Bond knock off is pretty much the only way to describe "Victim Five" which is some times given the longer title of "Code 7, Victim 5". We have the handsome Steve who has a glint in his eye when ever he is near an attractive woman, we have a millionaire who has a job for him which leads him to several moments of danger where he can be all knowing but that is it. But rather than having the excitement of a James Bond movie it only ever feels like an imitation.

Now technically there is nothing really wrong with "Victim Five" with Lex Barker delivering the suaveness of a well tailored agent. The full on charisma and eyeing up of women gets a little cheesy but he looks the part. And most of the cinematography by Nicolas Roeg is lovely with some nice scenic shots of Cape Town. But because it comes across as a James Bond knock off it is hard to be enthralled by it especially when it over does how much of a hit that Steve Martin is with the women. It is because of all this that it is hard to care about the actual mystery of who is causing all the trouble.

Going off on a tangent for a minute as I watched "Victim Five" I just wanted to watch this movie but with the real Steve Martin playing Steve Martin and laying it for laughs. Now that would have ended up a lot more entertaining than this serious but often cheesy attempt to do James Bond.

What this all boils down to is that technically there is nothing wrong with "Victim Five", yes it is a James Bond knock off and is cheesy when it comes to the womanizing but technically it ticks the boxes. The only thing is that as a James Bond knock off it is inferior and struggles to really hold your attention.