Vegas Baby (2006) starring Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison, Charlie Talbert, Aaron Himelstein, Vincent Pastore directed by Eric Bernt Movie Review

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Kal Penn and Jonathan Bennett in Vegas Baby (2006) (aka: Bachelor Party Vegas)

Game for Anything

Also known as "Bachelor Party Vegas" there is no way you can watch "Vegas Baby" not knowing what to expect, come on 5 guys in Vegas for a Batchelor weekend, we are not talking subtle, sweet drama here. And "Vegas Baby" lived down to my low expectations, well we are also talking direct to video material here, so as are 5 friends end up having an accident filled weekend where nothing goes to plan as they try get laid it's all pretty obvious. But whilst what happens, or at least for the most, is predictable and lacking "Vegas Baby" has two things going for it, the cast with a few recognizable faces and a twist, a twist which whilst lousy I didn't see coming and in truth made me smile.

With his wedding not far off, Nathan and his 4 best friends, Eli, Johnny, Ash and Z-Bob head to Vegas for a bachelor weekend and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unfortunately everything that Nathan's friends have planned goes wrong, from being accused of cheating a casino, angry boyfriends of porn stars as well as dubious pole dancers leading to a bachelor party nightmare as they end up arrested for murder.

Charlie Talbert as Johnny in Vegas Baby (2006) (aka: Bachelor Party Vegas)

In fairness "Vegas Baby" starts reasonably well as we meet are 5 young men as they meet at the airport to fly to Vegas. There is no great comedy here but from Z-Bob having to have a cavity search to Johnny and his blow up doll as well as a bag full of sex toys being confiscated it is mildly amusing. And even on the plane as are 5 horny men talk sex whilst a dear old lady listens in delivers some laughs.

But once are 5 guys get to Vegas things get very ordinary as one thing after another goes wrong and they end up being chased, locked in rooms, running through sewers and arrested whilst also having brief encounters with bikini clad paintballers and porn stars. Basically it is incredibly obvious and whilst "Vegas Baby" came before we got "The Hangover" the various disasters which are 5 friends encounter would not look out of place in that movie. Having said that "Vegas Baby" has a different ending than you might expect, a twist in the tale which whilst incredibly cheesy also makes you smile, especially if you know your movies.

Now whilst everything but the ending is predictable "Vegas Baby" does have 5 actors in its favour Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison, Charlie Talbert and Aaron Himelstein are good as a bunch of friends, those average guys who grew up together, not quite nerds but not cool kids. It means that you can enjoy watching them get into one scrape after another whilst talking bull about their sexual exploits because for all the over the top comedy the guys are real.

What this all boils down to is that "Vegas Baby" is everything you expect from a direct to video comedy about 5 guys heading to Vegas for a bachelor party. And as such it is not terrible with good casting and a fun twist making it bearable but it is not a movie you would go out of your way to watch again.