Vanished (1995) starring George Hamilton, Lisa Rinna, Robert Hays, Maurice Godin, Alex D. Linz, Daniela Akerblom, Albert Millaire directed by George Kaczender Movie Review

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Lisa Rinna in Vanished (1995)

Steel's Stolen Son Story

Marielle (Lisa Rinna) and Charles Delauney (Maurice Godin - Dangerous Offender) were happily married until their son drowned leading to Marielle having a breakdown and the end of their marriage. It is how Marielle ended up leaving Europe and returning to America where after much persuasion she marries the wealthy Malcolm Patterson (George Hamilton - Doc Hollywood). But it is not the happiest of marriages as Malcolm is not only not interested in Marielle's past and the child she lost but seems only concerned with her becoming pregnant and giving him a son. When eventually she does Marielle also finds herself coming back into contact with Charles who compared to Marielle has nothing. So when one night Marielle and Malcolm's son is abducted the finger of suspicion points clearly at Charles.

The synopsis which I found for "Vanished" was just a couple of sentences and focuses on the kidnapping of a child. Now it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this is another TV movie which deals with child abduction going on that synopsis if you are also unaware that "Vanished" is a Danielle Steel movie. If there is one thing I have learned after watching several Danielle Steel movies is that they are never simple movies usually having a story which starts in one place and ends up somewhere completely else which is certainly the case of "Vanished". We start in Paris, 1929 with the happy marriage of Marielle and Charles but there marriage is not the focus of the abduction story and you have to work through a lot of back story before we get to the abduction plot line. That is one thing you can't criticize Danielle Steel movies for, a lack of story because they all have a lot going on even if at times it all seems so convoluted.

George Hamilton in Vanished (1995)

But whilst "Vanished" has plenty of story it won't be to everyone's liking as it does seem convoluted as well as overly melodramatic. Even for a Danielle Steel movie "Vanished" seems overly melodramatic with scene after scene of over the top gestures, heavy breathing and a romantic soundtrack which dominates things. You really have to be either a fan of Danielle Steel or the movies cast to enjoy it as it is so full on.

On the subject of the cast well George Hamilton, Lisa Rinna, Robert Hays and, Maurice Godin all have the right look. But that is as far as it goes because every single one of them over acts whilst delivering their lines as if they had only just read them from the script. It makes it all very false and at times laughable.

I will say one thing and that is "Vanished" certainly grabs your eye with its period setting. Most of the time scenes happen in doors with sets that are easy to control but the times we step outside are when it really impresses. A scene of Marielle crossing a busy New York street with old cars going past looks like something out of a big budget movie than this made for TV movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Vanished" is 100% Danielle Steel from featuring a storyline which evolves to plenty of melodrama. And as such it is very much a movie for those who adore Danielle Steel movies rather than for those who read that it involves child abduction.

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