Valentine Ever After (2016) Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui, Damon Runyan, Ron Lea, Carolyn Seoh, Jeff Clarke, Jennifer Robertson, Jefferson Brown, Alyssa Smith Movie Review

Valentine Ever After (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Autumn Reeser in Valentine Ever After (2016)

A Hallmark Valentine

Having just, and some might say nervously, got engaged, Julia (Autumn Reeser - A Bramble House Christmas) and her friend, Sydney (Vanessa Matsui - Charming Christmas), decide to get away for a weekend and head to a dude ranch. But they find their weekend stay extended when they get arrested when there is trouble in a local bar and then ordered to do community service to make up for their disorderly conduct. Their stay not only leads to them becoming involved in a charitable cause but also leads them to meeting Ben (Eric Johnson - Oh Christmas Tree) and Dale (Jefferson Brown - The Christmas Parade).

If you weren't already aware "Valentine Ever After" is a Hallmark movie and once you know that then the familiarity of the plotline should not come as a surprise to you. Stripped down to the bare bones we have the city girl with a boyfriend she has doubts about, we have a stay in a country town and of course the handsome local she meets and ends up falling for. Even the whole getting in trouble and having to do community service is almost as common in a Hallmark movie as is a person from the city dating someone not really right for them.

Eric Johnson in Valentine Ever After (2016)

But, with me feeling even more like the proverbial broken record, movies such as "Valentine Ever After" target a specific audience, those looking for entertainment which is easy to watch and inoffensive. And that is what "Valentine Ever After" delivers because in its familiarity it isn't hard to follow, whilst also having a visual appeal which is two fold with a good looking cast backed up by a nice location and the only thing offensive about it is that for those who don't do Hallmark movies are likely to find it all too cheesy or overly sweet.

What this all boils down to is that "Valentine Ever After" is another typical Hallmark romantic comedy which ticks all the boxes when it comes to what a Hallmark movie delivers. On one hand that means it should entertain those who enjoy Hallmark movies but on the other could end up cheesy for those who find Hallmark movies a bit too sweet and cheesy.