Unwritten Obsession (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Haley Webb in Unwritten Obsession (2017)

Obsession for the Mentor

It's been five years since the suicide of her fiancee and despite the publication of a book Skye (Haley Webb) is still a struggling writer who ends up picking up strangers for one night stands. But following a disappointing meeting with her agent she is approached by Holly (Chelsea Lopez) who is a big fan of her best selling book and is willing to pay her if she will mentor her and help her finish her book. But Skye has sinister plans as after reading Holly's first draft plans to steal it and pass it off as her own work. The question is why is Holly so desperate for Skye to mentor her?

Painfully slow to the point of boredom is how "Unwritten Obsession" plays out or at least that is how it unfortunately feels. During the first 30 minutes we learn that Skye is broke, we can guess by her reluctance to write a sequel to her popular novel she stole the story her dead fiancee wrote and she plans to steal the story which the innocent Holly has asked her guidance on. This opening really only leaves you with three thoughts and one of those is "hurry up and end". But there are the other two thoughts which are how will Skye deal with Holly when she steals her story and what is Chloe up to as when ever Skye isn't around she is snooping through her possessions especially those from her late fiancee. Having watched more than my fair share of these types of movies I had several possible answers to the questions long before the answers come in this movie.

Chelsea Lopez in Unwritten Obsession (2017)

Now I won't tell you what happens but basically during the final 15 minutes we discover what is going on when it comes to Chloe. But we also get one of those utterly pointless endings where there is no real closure, just a couple of scenes which hint the story isn't really over. Sadly whilst the ending has the revelations there isn't much else to the movie especially as for the most the movie just features Haley Webb as Skye and Chelsea Lopez as Holly and sadly their characters are not that interesting. Once in a while there is Skye's agent and also her neighbour but in the end these are just filler which this thriller seems full of.

What this all boils down to is that "Unwritten Obsession" is the sort of movie which will impress if you are the sort of person who can't second guess what the revelations are. Unfortunately I did and that made this a movie a slow progression to what felt an obvious reveal.