Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business (1999) starring Matt Battaglia, Chandra West, Roger Periard, Richard McMillan, Burt Reynolds directed by Jeff Woolnough Movie Review

Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Matt Battaglia in Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business

Messy Business

Luc Devereaux (Matt Battaglia) and Veronica Roberts (Chandra West) are still looking for a way to bring down the Unisol program which means they are still in danger. This is especially the case as CIA agent Gerald Risco (Burt Reynolds), the man behind the current Unisol project, has had Luc's brother Eric cloned and turned into a Unisol whilst also killing Luc and Eric's parents. But there is also a new batch of Unisols for Luc and Veronica to worry about and this time they are a group of terrorist Unisols created to steal a shipment of gold.

"Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms" left such a poor impression on me that whilst it was probably only a month go when I watched and reviewed it yet I couldn't remember anything other than it was a made for TV movie. As such when I got to watch the follow up "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business" I didn't expect a great deal and I didn't get a great deal. Although one of its few plus points is that it picks up where "Universal Soldier II" had left off and so felt like it had a purpose rather than just a desperate rehash.

Unfortunately whilst a continuation it is a convoluted mess of cloning, terrorists, double crosses, nefarious, shady CIA agents and any number of other cliches. It is just messy and you wonder why the writers felt the need to try and make it so convoluted when the formula for an okay "Universal Soldier" movie is simple. What it means is that "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business" only really becomes entertaining when it goes base, by which I mean when it serves up violence, nudity and sex scenes although none of it is great and like the movie is as a whole forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business" is an equal to its made for TV predecessor and somehow manages to take the simplicity of the "Universal Soldier" formula and mess it up by trying to be too clever.