Underground (2011) starring Sofia Pernas, Adrian R'Mante, Jeff D'Agostino, Christine Evangelista directed by Rafael Eisenman Movie Review

Underground (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Underground (2011)

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A group of friends from the army and their girl friends find themselves taking shelter in an underground facility when a fight starts at a rave and they are massively out numbered. Whilst they put their military training to use to try and navigate the series of tunnels their skills can't prepare them for the genetically modified horrors which they discover are kept there for when ever the military require expendable soldiers to enter battle.

Because I watch so many movies I keep lists to remind me of the movies I have watched especially when it comes to the bad ones. You see there are some movies which I have watched and thought maybe I wasn't in the right mood for them and so they go on a watch again another day list and then there are movies which are just never going to work and these go on the list of I'm never watching again. "Underground" is one of those movies which whilst I can honestly say had potential is so weak that I could never sit through it again.

So, as to the potential. Well the idea of having some tough guy soldiers finding themselves stuck in tunnels with monster soldiers and whilst people typically get picked off one by one I like the basic idea. But as I said in typical fashion people get picked off one by one, long sequences of action takes place in the dark and the women characters only seem to be there to scream and scream and scream. It is why I could never sit through "Underground" again as whilst the potential for horror and gore is clear to see the characters and styling destroys the movie.

Of course some people might say what do you expect of a low budget movie but you can do things with little money which will make a movie better. This movie desperately needed much better dialogue and much better writing so that we are given identifiable characters rather than anonymous tough guys and screaming girls. It also needed atmosphere as the crawling around in the dark failed to create any.

What this all boils down to is that the basic idea to "Underground" is an okay one but the end product is far from being okay and sadly is a lot of hard work due to the lack of character depth, atmosphere and lighting.