Undergrad Nightmare (2016) (aka: Deadly Sorority | Too Close to Kill) Greer Grammer, Chloe Babcook, Steve Bacic, Moira Kelly Movie Review

Undergrad Nightmare (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Greer Grammer in Undergrad Nightmare (2016) (aka: Deadly Sorority | Too Close to Kill)

Sorority Showdown

Samantha (Greer Grammer - Emma's Chance) and Kristina (Emilija Baranac) have been best friends for as long as they can remember and have headed off to Barclay college together. But once there Kristina is wooed by the hottest sorority house on campus which is presided over by Jubilee Swan (Chloe Babcook - Summer Love), who insists that Kristina has nothing to do with her old friend. But things start to get messy for Samantha when one night Kristina is murdered and thanks to the sorority house's lies she becomes the chief suspect whilst also being hated by the other students at college. With the help of her only friend, Victor (Keenan Tracey - Pretty Little Addict), she sets out to discover the truth and discovers more than she expects.

Yes "Undergrad Nightmare", also known as "Deadly Sorority" as well as "Too Close to Kill", is another one of those movies which gives us freshman at college and a sorority house presided over by a Queen Bitch. As such we have friendships torn apart, a murder, an attempted murder, and of course the nice girl, in this case Samantha, not only being the number one suspect but being ostracized by her fellow students. Sounds pretty typical doesn't it and truth be told 90% of "Undergrad Nightmare" is typical but credit where it is due, whilst you can second guess the movie it does try and throw you some curveballs when it comes to who the killer is and what their motives are.

Steve Bacic in Undergrad Nightmare (2016) (aka: Deadly Sorority | Too Close to Kill)

As such after "Undergrad Nightmare" starts and the set up is in place with not only Samantha and Kristina torn apart but Kristina murdered we get the various suspects. Now of course there are the obvious ones such as Jubilee, the bitchy president of the sorority and then there is nice guy Victor who with a bit of a Christian Slater 80s haircut might just be a secret psycho. But then on top of that we have Steve Bacic playing a handsome and charming teacher who flirts with students whilst Moira Kelly is his cold as ice wife who as a teacher is harsh on those pretty students he flirts with. As such I will say that if you watch "Undergrad Nightmare" it will lead you down a path of thought and does so pretty effectively.

Of course "Undergrad Nightmare" is a made for TV movie and whilst Greer Grammer does a nice job of playing Samantha in an enthusiastic way there are times when he character doesn't ring true. Grammer is not the only one and there are some of the young actors in this movie who can't help but over act which sadly drags it down with some scenes ending up ridiculous because of what can only be classed as pantomime performances.

What this all boils down to is that "Undergrad Nightmare" was actually more entertaining than I expected it to be with it doing a nice job of leading you to anticipate one thing in particular. But it is a made for TV movie with many of the usual flaws causing it to suffer in places.