Undercover Angel (2017) Katharine Isabelle, Shawn Roberts, Lilah Fitzgerald, Britt Irvin, Linda Sorensen, Matthew MacCaull Movie Review

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Katharine Isabelle and Lilah Fitzgerald in Undercover Angel (2017)

Henry the Angel is Here to Help

Robin (Katharine Isabelle - Another Cinderella Story) and her daughter, Sophie (Lilah Fitzgerald - Harvest Moon), have just moved in to a fixer upper which needs a whole lot of fixing up. Trouble is that Robin doesn't know a thing about fixing up properties which is why Issy (Britt Irvin - Mr. Miracle), who works at the hardware store, suggests she hires a contractor to do the work. That is how Henry (Shawn Roberts - 40 Below and Falling) comes into their lives, just showing up on the day she happens to be interviewing contractors. But it is no coincidence as Henry is in fact an angel who has been sent by the upper management to help Robin. But with Robin having a strained relationship with her ex husband, Sophie's dad, maybe fixing up the property is not the only reason why Henry has been sent to help.

Before I go on I reckon you read that synopsis and are already thinking that Henry will end up falling for Robin because that is what usually happens in made for TV movies which feature an angel being sent to help someone. And whilst there is plenty of other stuff going on in "Undercover Angel" such as Issy being sweet on Todd, her manager at the hardware store, Sophie feeling lonely and Robin's neighbour being grouchy you can't stop thinking you know where "Undercover Angel" is going to end up. Although when it comes to Robin's neighbour, who happens to be a widow, you suspect there may be more to this than just being grouchy. But I am not going to tell you whether or not you are right or wrong.

What I will say is that "Undercover Angel" has an interesting tone as for the most you have the usual romantic, comedy, drama thing going on which you will find in lots of TV movies which allows it to go from the humour of Henry leaving a tap running to the more deeper scenes when Robin's neighbour opens up about her past. But then you have Shawn Roberts and Matthew MacCaull who stand out for the wrong reasons with Shawn Roberts playing Henry initially like some sort of puppy, over eager to please, whilst Matthew MacCaull as Todd, the hardware store manager, makes him almost robotic but with wide eyed facial expressions which make him appear wooden. It is a shame as these two performances stand out for the wrong reasons yet the writing of the characters gives plenty of room to really bring emotion to the parts.

What this all boils down to is that "Undercover Angel" is pretty much what you expect from a made for TV movie with that title. But this is a Pixl Network movie and as such whilst there is an obvious side to it you also get some subplots which round it out nicely.

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