Ultimate Deception (1999) Yasmine Bleeth, Richard Grieco, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Robin Brl Movie Review

Ultimate Deception (1999)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Yasmine Bleeth in Ultimate Deception (1999)

Not an Ultimate TV Movie

For Terry Cuff (Yasmine Bleeth - Road Rage) it feels like all her Christmases have come at once went her handsome boyfriend, Bobby Woodkin (Richard Grieco - It Was Him or Us), not only asks her to marry him but buys her dream home. The one blot on the landscape for Terry is that she has always longed for a family and despite trying has been unable to conceive. What Terry doesn't know is that Bobby is a con artist who had a vasectomy and when he brings home a daughter which he says is a private adoption through a friend of a friend the child is in fact a 3 month old baby girl he took after killing the baby's mother. But whilst there is the initial happiness Terry begins to suspect things are not as they seem.

In a way I should have started this review of "Ultimate Deception" with the words spoiler alert because it doesn't make it clear right away that Bobby is a dangerous con artist. In fact for the first 15 minutes or so it almost feels like "Ultimate Deception" isn't sure what it is with some semi erotic scenes between Terry and Bobby whilst also one which almost has a slight fantasy angle when Terry is woken from her sleep to see Bobby at her door in his Naval whites. The thing is that whilst it doesn't make it clear until getting on for the 20 minute mark that Bobby is no good you can guess that he is no good because he clearly has a devious nature.

Now how "Ultimate Deception" is made we have really just two story threads with the first one being how far will Bobby go to get a family, what risks he will take and who will he hurt in the process to achieve it. The second thread is all about how long it will take Terry to piece everything together and realise that bobby is not what he seems and then work out what he has done. The trouble is because "Ultimate Deception" is so straight forwards and in truth slim on story that it is a movie which becomes a procession to a pretty inevitable end with of course some danger due to the dangerous nature of Bobby.

What this all boils down to is that "Ultimate Deception" is a typical, easy to watch made for TV movie which works its way through a predictable storyline in a solid manner. But there is nothing special about this and so ends up the sort of movie you will forget about not long after you finish watching it.