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Gillian Zinser in Two Wrongs (2015)

A Lot of Right Turns

Diabetic single mother Sarah Harris (Gillian Zinser) finds it difficult to balance her work as a home visit nurse and spending time with her 7 year-old daughter Lauren (Brooklyn Lax) having to rely on her mum Judy (Linda Thorson) to baby-sit when work takes over. But when one day Sarah is stuck dealing with a patient she is late to pick up her daughter from school and when she gets there Lauren has sneaked out to walk home by herself leading to her being kidnapped. Scared and desperate Lauren finds herself doing the unthinkable in order to get her little girl back from the kidnappers.

I don't know who it is who has been writing the recent batch of TV movies but they have certainly gone about creating some seriously convoluted storylines way and way above what for a while was the norm for a TV movie. It makes life as a reviewer of TV movies a bit of a nightmare as you can't really get across what a movie is about without giving some plot spoilers away and as such I will say now that this review of "Two Wrongs" contains spoilers.

Linda Thorson in Two Wrongs (2015)

So "Two Wrongs" starts off in a pretty typical manner as we have a single mum who finds her work makes being there for her daughter not always easy. And like with many a movie we get some facts dropped on us such as Sarah's mum asking if she had taken her insulin in doing so letting us know her character is a diabetic and that probably it will come in to play later on. And then we get more TV movie typical with young Lauren being kidnapped by a guy who has been watching the school.

But this is where things get more entertaining than normal and frankly far fetched as the guy wants Sarah to drug and tie up one of her home visit patients. We also get an idea that the guy and his wife had a daughter but something happened. Yep so we get in to the realms of two wrongs don't make a right and it all gets rather ridiculous yet in a strange way the ridiculous nature of "Two Wrongs" makes it entertaining.

Now I am going to leave the spoilers there because you should be able to see that "Two Wrongs" is convoluted and as I said it makes it kind of entertaining as you read between the lines and wait for the next twist and they do come. It gets to the point where the twists end up the star of the movie and the performances end up just okay. That in truth is not a bad thing because anyone who knows their TV movies will know often the performances will be less than okay.

What this all boils down to is that "Two Wrongs" ended up more entertaining than I was expecting but that was more to do with the convoluted and original nature of the storyline which whilst ending up easy to predict was a lot of fun because of the twists which are thrown in there.